It is impossible to do anything without, well, taking action to do it. People who take action every day to improve themselves (and others) will find that these small efforts compound into huge success over time. Make sure that you are being challenged every day so that you can experience growth. Going to the gym but then lifting very little weights, or lifting weights with someone else’s arms, doesn’t count as taking action!

There is something magical about writing a list of things to do or goals you want to accomplish on paper, as if doing this places these things in your subconscious mind where they are definitely remembered. Perhaps it is simply that writing things down, gets you into the habit of taking action, so that over time you become a person of action who completes the things on your list and reaches your goals. When you start a new course, write down on paper what your goal for the course is and exactly what you are willing to do to achieve your goal. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

In taking action to start this blog, I reminded myself that there is no perfect time to start something. As the Nike slogan says, “Just Do It”. Also, it is easy to be overwhelmed when faced with a large number of choices, and to choose none of your options. Think instead that you have lots of wonderful options and make a decision to choose one and trust your judgment.

Put action first and never waste a second worrying about the possibility of failure. Many people worry so much that they may fail, that they never even get around to starting. Their fear of failure causes them to fail! When faced with a difficult math problem to solve, is it better to make no attempt to solve it since you may fail, or to make several attempts, one of which leads to the solution?

Even if you are short on belief or desire to do something, simply start by doing. You will often find that you can do the thing you take action to do, and seeing that you can do it will improve your belief and your desire. When I wanted to memorize my 16-digit bank card number, I was unsure if I could do it. After taking action to do it, I found that it was so much easier than I had thought, and wondered why I had experienced that moment of disbelief. Your mind can do so much more than you think, so keep it active.

Keep in mind that nobody ever found success after giving up. Decide ahead of time that when you meet with a temporary setback, you will stop to learn from it and refuse to quit. You may be closer to success than you realize, but you will only find this out by picking yourself up when you fall so that you keep moving forward!

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