Mistakes Are Beautiful

Whenever you are faced with a new challenge, you are very likely going to make mistakes. Each mistake should just be a sign that you need to change your approach a little. Never worry for a second that you have made an error, but instead, begin immediately to learn from it. In this way, you will turn every mistake into a positive, and each one will help you on your path to success.

Always be involved in class discussions by asking and answering questions, and never worry that you may give a wrong answer. Remember always that your goal in the classroom is to keep actively engaged in thinking so that you work toward real understanding. Often the students who participate more, have more success, which may be because they have more opportunities to make mistakes and check their understanding. Always have the courage to take a risk, since if you give a wrong answer, you will be able to benefit from your mistake. Being a great basketball player does not mean that you make every shot you take, but simply that your team trusts you to take the last shot in the game, and that you are willing to take it!

Always write an answer to every question, since this helps you to form the action habit and you will surprise yourself with how much you can do when you make your best effort. Remember that when you leave a question unanswered you are sending the message that you made no effort to answer the question. Get in the habit of getting started, since nobody ever finished anything they didn’t start! Remember that when you get an assignment or a test back, to focus on learning from the questions you did not answer correctly. Never waste a second worrying about your mistakes, and never be too satisfied with your mark that you fail to learn from your mistakes.

Some math problems for example, use the ‘trial and error’ method. This means you first try something that does not work, then you learn from your mistake and you keep making new attempts until you find a solution. This is how most learning happens as well, when you are given challenging things to learn. Decide ahead of time that you will never give up, and that you will continue to pick yourself up each time you fall.

If you knew that you were going to make the same mistake a few times before mastering a new concept, would you rather make your first mistake right away, or wait awhile? Of course, making your mistakes sooner means you find success that much quicker. Remember always that a mistake is beautiful, but only when you learn from it! Begin to see your failures as opportunities to improve, and let obstacles strengthen you along the path to success!

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