Everyone wants to be successful, but many people do not have a strong enough desire. If you really want to do something, do not allow yourself the possibility of failure. Instead, decide ahead of time that you will be successful and never stop making attempts until you are. Ask yourself at the beginning of a new course, what exactly your goal is and what you are prepared to do to reach it. Not setting a goal is really just wishing or hoping for success, but you need to demand it and accept nothing less!

Successful people have a burning desire to succeed and they plan ahead, exactly how they will find success. Make sure your desire is extremely strong, and reject failure by always moving forward toward your goal no matter what happens. If you decide that you must do well in a course, then you will schedule time for homework every week and take action to stick to your schedule. A strong desire is often the ingredient needed to cause you to take action.

How will you show from your actions that you have a strong desire to succeed in school? Asking questions is one way to show that you are taking initiative, based on wanting to improve yourself. Successful students don’t leave their success up to their teacher. This would be like asking your hockey coach to turn you into a great player, and then lying down on the ice all through the practice. What changes would you need to make to show that you are doing everything possible to improve yourself? How will you show that you did not give up, but instead that you continued to make attempts when at first you did not succeed with solving a challenging problem?

Keep in mind that even if you are struggling with finding the desire to do something, you can simply start by taking action to do it. Your desire will become stronger as you make some progress toward success. If you have the choice to study subjects that interest you, you will have a natural desire to work hard at your passion. The same is true when choosing a career, do work that you find meaningful and you enjoy doing, and you will never have trouble finding the energy to do it. Instead, you will be energized from the mental exercise so that you feel refreshed, even after working for hours.

There is an old story about an army of men, without any armor, that arrived in boats on a shore intending to do battle. The story goes that many armies had tried and failed for hundreds of years, to defeat the enemy on their own land. An instruction came, for the men to burn the boats they arrived on, leaving them with no chance to escape, so that they must win the battle to survive. Win they did! Never leave yourself a way to escape from making your absolute best effort and you too will win your battles too!

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