When you are faced with a challenge, you will probably struggle with believing in yourself, that you can do it. It is common to have a fear of failure, but you must never decide ahead of time that you will fail. Instead, just take action to start, and you will often surprise yourself with what you are capable of. It has been said that most people make less than one attempt, when faced with a difficult problem to solve. Without making an attempt, how can you expect to find a solution? You need to make your belief so strong that when your first attempt fails, you simply try another, and another, always having faith that you will succeed.

If you truly believe in yourself, that you can do it, you will not give up so quickly when you meet with an obstacle in your path. Instead, you will stay positive and think of the obstacle as something that strengthens and refocuses you along the path to success. You will start to see obstacles as being helpful, rather than holding you back. When you have a temporary setback, remember always that mistakes are beautiful, provided you learn from them, so that you just keep moving forward no matter what you are faced with. You never need to accept failure – and never for a second believe you yourself are a failure.

It seems to me that belief also has a lot to do with the spiritual world. This message is being written for everyone, but some people will draw strength from spiritual forces. For those of you who are believers, you will find strength in the fact that you are not on this journey alone. You will feel like you are not alone in your struggle, that you have a guide who gives you strength based on your faith, while holding you accountable for taking consistent action. Find rest in your faith, but never stop working towards your goals, so that you honour the gifts you have been given.

It is always up to you to put in the effort to do your best work each day, so that you earn the right to feel good about yourself. When you have an unwavering belief in your ability, It really helps you to stay focused on what you want to accomplish. Enjoy the challenge, embrace the struggle and over time you will see real growth. Never expect to get something for nothing, since your consistent effort every day is what leads to your results. Enjoy the lifelong learning journey you are on, and do your best to not worry too much about results. Your results will take care of themselves when you put in your best effort every day and keep moving forward with intense belief!

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