You can only go up from the bottom

When I started teaching, I found it did not come naturally to me at all, so that I struggled with it. I was used to always succeeding in school, so I thought teaching would come without much effort. I had the wrong attitude and now realize that teaching requires my full commitment to helping students. I need to focus on improving my ability every year by always learning from mistakes so that I keep moving forward.

When I was not focused on the right things I met with failure when I lost my teaching job. Since I was without a job, I took on a number of tutoring students to keep my dream of teaching alive as well as to support my family. My failure caused me to take a serious look at myself and I learned a lot about success from the students I tutored. During this period, I also learned a lot from reading books on success and became more spiritual, as I realized I couldn’t do everything on my own. Sometimes failure is exactly what is needed to force us into making a positive change in our lives. I needed to struggle in order to experience real growth.

Looking back, I feel like this was not really a failure at all, but rather a temporary setback that I learned a huge amount from. I experienced more growth during that time than any other in my life and I am truly thankful that it happened. At the time it was scary, but I feel like I used it as a stepping-stone to better things. This failure to me was a blessing, since it forced me to take action to change myself. I feel I am a much better teacher, husband and father as a result. In my experience, it really is important to learn from each mistake, since doing so turns them into a positive.

If you are feeling like you are at the bottom, realize you can only go up from there! You really can change yourself and there are people who will help you if you seek their help. Stay positive, pick yourself up each time you fall down and never give up. There are wonderful things for you to look forward to in your life. There is something special about you and you were born to put your talents to proper use. Follow your passion and never settle on staying at the bottom. Keep a positive attitude and be thankful for the things you do have. Demand the best for yourself in your life and accept nothing less, since you are worth it! Remember also that looking back, this time in your life will allow you to recognize and appreciate success when it comes.

Do you know you can achieve your big goals if you simply decide to never give up? Do you know you can move mountains if you have faith as small as a mustard seed? Are you learning from each temporary setback so that you constantly rise to greater heights?

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