Choose to be positive

Often people choose to react negatively to their situation. Remember that you cannot control other people or results, but you can control how you react to them. Always look for the positive in every situation, giving thanks every day for your blessings. In prayer, remember to give thanks in advance for the things you may receive in future as well as for the things that you already have. This shows belief that you may receive, while not demanding that your wishes will be granted.

In my experience, people often choose to be negative about the weather, even when there is nothing to complain about. I find myself driving in the rain and reminding myself that I am getting a free car-wash. I also remind myself that it is amazing to be driving in the first place, something that only a small fraction of the people on Earth can afford. Always find the positive in your situation, whatever it is, looking forward to a future that is even brighter.

A positive mind is an open mind and attracts positivity into your life. Surround yourself with people who encourage you on your journey, and cast out negative thoughts from your mind. Never pay much attention to news or gossip, because they are almost always negative. Watching the news tells us the few bad things that are happening in the world, while forgetting the positive almost entirely.

People often look for happiness in their possessions and continue to consume more things when they fail to find happiness immediately. A new car soon loses its newness and the consumer is soon unhappy, so they shift their attention to an even newer car. This cycle of consumption never stops and never leads to happiness. This is sometimes called ‘the rat race’, and it has no finish line since people always want newer and better things. Since there is no finish line there is of course no chance to win the race!

The truth is that happiness is a choice. Focus on the positive every day, giving praise to others and good things will happen to you. If you are not happy about your situation, take action right now to change it. If you are unable to change your situation right now, then change the way you react to it. Keep your goals in mind always and find happiness in working toward them, one day at a time. Also, never worry that you may not reach a goal. If you aim for the stars and miss, you will still land among the clouds!

In what way can you be more positive today? How can you change the way you react to your situation so that you improve your happiness? When you start a new school year do you have goals to improve upon what you have done in the past?

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