Carpe Diem

The words Carpe Diem mean ‘seize the day’. That is, grab hold of the day you are now living and make it the best day you can. I feel like many students believe they are not good at certain subjects, and they let the past hold them back from taking action today, to improve. Remember always that learning is a journey with no end, where you are always able to improve along the way if you choose to. It is helpful to set a goal for yourself for this year, but once you do, focus all your effort on doing the best you possibly can today.

People that wait for the perfect time to make a change or to start something new, often find that the perfect time never comes. Instead start right now, today, to take action to improve. Remember not to worry if you do not believe you can, just form the habit of taking action immediately and your results will improve. Never let the past hold you back from believing you can reach higher than before. Anyone who has ever climbed a mountain or ran a race, started with a single step. Getting started creates momentum that carries you forward to success.

Never let your past results cause you to make less than your best effort today. Not having success in the past should never mean that you are not able to have success in the future. Remember there is no such thing as failure if you just keep picking yourself up when you fall down and learn from every mistake. On the other hand, doing extremely well can make you stop pushing yourself to do your best, so beware of this as well. The key is to make every today the best you can so that you earn the right to feel good about yourself, and keep it.

I have a problem sometimes of holding too many thoughts in my mind, since I am always thinking about the past and the present but mostly the future. I think a lot about my goals for the future and this robs me sometimes of letting myself really live for today. It is much better to think only about the things you must get done today and focus your energy on those, while keeping an eye on your big goals for the future. In this way, you will have fewer thoughts, but more focus on what is important. All you really have to do is the best you can today and let the future worry about itself. Mother Theresa said, “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come, we have only today. Let us begin”. Never waste another today focused on yesterday or tomorrow, take action right now!

Please let me know in the comments how you plan to seize the day. Do you have any tips for forming the habit of taking action? Do you need to let go of the past a little or stop worrying about the future so that you can live today fully?

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