Just about everyone wants to be successful, whether it be students in the classroom or members of society. It is fairly simple to learn how to be successful for anyone who cares about their success and desires the knowledge. In the same way, it is simple to learn how to be healthy and physically fit. So, success is simple in that anyone can learn how to be successful.

Success is not easy because it takes discipline to stick to your plan. It takes discipline to take action every day as you work toward your goals. Most people give up on their goals to get in shape and stop going to the gym when they don’t see results right away. They expect to get something for nothing, but any worthwhile goal will take time and effort to reach.

One key to sticking to your plan is to form the habit of taking action. It has been said that it takes about 30 days for a habit to be formed. Until then, discipline yourself to keep going. Also, be specific with how much time it will take to see results. When a habit is formed, for example if you exercise every day for a month, it will become automatic so you do it without needing to think about it each time.

Through experience, I know that after pushing myself during a workout, I always feel energized. So, I am never too tired to exercise because I know that I will get back more energy than I put in. Never waste a second making an excuse for why something can’t be done, just begin right now to do it. Your future self will be happy you did.

So, first be clear on exactly what goals you are going to accomplish. Set your mind on those goals and work toward them one day at a time. Be very slow to change your plans, since the habit of being definite is very important. People tend to change plans often, letting themselves be tossed around by the waves of chance. Make your own luck by finding your path to success and having the discipline to stick to it no matter what obstacles are in your way!

The bible talks about Jesus’ 12 disciples who were his closest followers. When writing this message, I noticed the similarity between the words discipline and disciple. This is no accident, since being a disciple would certainly not have been easy. It would mean turning away from sin and going against what others were telling them to do. They would have had to give up what others thought was fun to do the thing they thought was right. It would mean standing up for their beliefs, even while doing so could pose real danger to them.

How have you had to discipline yourself to do things that were difficult, or that seemed impossible? How do you remind yourself every day to stick to your plan, even when you experience temporary setbacks?

3 thoughts on “Discipline

    • I sometimes have those same habits Sylvia. The key seems to be replacing one habit with another, healthier one. Keep in mind it takes awhile to form a new habit. I like to have cereal in the evening, as it is better than many alternatives – so that is a habit I have substituted. As far as watching movies, no problem there as long as you limit the time. I have also found that dimming the screen so it is not too bright helps with getting to sleep after. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate your input!

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      • The idea of dimming the screen is very clever. I am short- sighted so I always set all displays on maximum brightness but I should change it. Thank you for the good advises.


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