What’s luck got to do with it?

A lot of people think success is just a matter of luck. This explains why people play the lottery, hoping their luck will lead to success. There are many stories of people who won the lottery and then wasted all the money. Perhaps the problem was that they tried to get something for nothing and didn’t have the discipline to save some of the money. They were not prepared to receive the money, since they hadn’t earned it. Put another way, they tried to reap without first sowing.

People often see famous people and assume their success is based on luck. What they fail to see are the hours of effort and sacrifice they put into perfecting their skills. Those who do rise to stardom quickly, with luck, often fall just as quickly. Will Smith said something like, “I don’t have to get ready if I stay ready” He is always prepared for success and works on improving himself too. The people who are most successful in sports for example are often the hardest working players on their team. They spend many hours in the gym during the offseason and think constantly about improving their skills. Luck has almost nothing to do with it!

The truth is, for the most part your effort determines your level of success. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your success up to other people, such as your teacher or your parents, or to chance. Make your best effort to think for yourself every day and then you will be open to receive input from others. If your teacher is doing their best, they deserve to be successful, but they can only find success when you do your best too. Believe in yourself that you can put your mind to work in solving problems for yourself and you will be amazed.

Never wait for a lucky break, just make your own luck by taking action to do your best every day. More than one professional golfer has said, “The more I practice the luckier I get”. No matter what your ability is, you can improve. The more room for improvement you have, the bigger the opportunity you have. Show your teacher you care about your own success, by making a serious attempt to do your work and to ask questions. Your teacher loves to be needed and wants to help you, but they can’t do everything. Do your part to put effort into thinking and you will prepare your mind for growth.

Most people let their fear of failure cause them to stop taking action, so that they actually do fail. They make no effort to keep working toward success and just hope to be lucky instead. Set your mind on positive, really believing you can do it, then stop at nothing until you do!

How will you demonstrate you have made your best effort? In what way are you leaving your success up to luck or other people? Thanks for reading!

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