Most learning is trial and error

When you were a toddler, you learned to walk. First, you started by pulling yourself up, holding onto furniture perhaps. You probably fell down more than a few times. You never gave up, you just kept getting back up and trying again, until you were able to walk on your own. You were willing to make as many attempts as were needed, always learning something from each mistake. You were determined that you would walk and nothing stopped you from reaching your goal.

How would your learning improve if you never got discouraged by temporary setbacks? What if you picked yourself up whenever you fell down, always moving toward your goals?

It was said by Napoleon Hill that most people give up before even making one real attempt. Are you so afraid to make an error that you never do any trials? Success comes to those who decide they will reach their goals no matter how many obstacles they must overcome. They have a burning desire and they reject failure by taking continuous action.

Often in my experience, students are so afraid of making mistakes that they fail to ask questions or make real attempts to solve problems. Do you understand the opportunity to learn that mistakes present you with? You can turn every mistake into a positive by thinking about what caused it, and making a serious effort to correct it in future. If you always make each mistake only once, you will be extremely successful in school and in life. Allow yourself to make lots of mistakes and make the effort to benefit fully from each one.

A long time ago, when I was in University, I played a little bit of badminton, but not very well. While playing, I had the feeling that one foot was stuck to the ground, not really moving at all. I was holding myself back from committing fully to each attempt. Maybe I was afraid to give my best effort, fearing that I might do so and still not win. It was better to not make an attempt and lose, than to risk doing my best and losing anyway. This is the flawed logic of many people since it means that they never do anything with their complete effort!

To succeed you must commit fully to your goal, throwing yourself into it with all your strength. Make sure to ‘burn the boats’ so you leave yourself no way to retreat, and you will win your victory!

Are you fully engaged in your learning or do you have ‘one foot stuck to the floor’? Are you hoping for success when you know you must demand it? How many attempts would you make when faced with a challenge, if all that mattered was doing your absolute best? Are you letting the possibility of failure hold you back from giving your all? Thanks for reading!

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