Work expands to fit the time

It has been said that people’s stuff grows to fit the amount of space they have. So, when people buy a bigger home, they always end up getting more things to fill it up. In the same way, the amount of time you have to complete your work, determines how much time you will spend. Do you do all of your homework on Friday after school, or do you leave it for later in the weekend? Most people are in no rush, until the deadline approaches, to push themselves to do the work.

Personally, I don’t feel good about myself until my work is finished. So, if I leave my work until Sunday evening, I am bothered by this on Friday and Saturday. One key seems to be in planning ahead, and doing the things on your “must-do list” each day. It also helps to respect your future-self by not letting the things you must do, pile up for them to worry about later. Just take action every day to do what you must and go the extra mile to do some of the other things on your to-do list as well, and then never waste a second worrying. Be prepared for surprises also that will change your plans, for example if you suddenly get sick and cannot work.

It helps to decide that Sunday will be a day when no work is done, so you can relax and recharge for the week ahead, spending time with family and friends. The bible even tells us that God created everything in six days and then rested on the seventh, perhaps as a  suggestion that we should do the same. This has a hidden benefit of moving your deadline for completing homework to Saturday. I find I work best in the morning when my brain is fresh, so I make a habit of working a few hours every Saturday morning. Figure out what works best for you and make sure you stick to your plan.

Keep in mind that work is a blessing as it brings purpose to your life. Never dread having to do work but instead do it with a thankful heart and a mind eager to learn something new. You will be amazed how your attitude toward work changes your effectiveness in completing it. You will be mentally energized by doing school work in a similar way to how exercising brings energy physically. In fact, a good strategy is to exercise first thing in the morning and then do homework so you benefit from the extra energy you have. It also helps when completing your work is going to benefit others, since this gives you a huge sense of accomplishment.

What strategy do you have for completing your work that helps you to keep on top of it? Do you find that long-term assignments are difficult to plan ahead for and how are you dealing with this? Thanks for reading!


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