Be Definite

I was having trouble choosing a topic to write about today. I had to remind myself to be definite and choose quickly. It seems that a lot of people go through life without ever deciding what they want for themselves. They never set goals that challenge them, so they do not accomplish much. They never decide what success means for them and then demand it for themselves.

Take out a piece of paper and write down exactly the things you want to achieve this year. Goals have a way of energizing you to take action and make necessary changes to yourself in order to achieve them. They help you to break free of habits you have adopted, often without thought. They keep you focused every day on doing something that gets you closer to success.

I plan to encourage my students to write down their goals for the rest of the school-year in this week’s classes. An example might be, “I will pass all assignments, tests and the final exam”. Of course, along with setting goals, it is important for you to make a plan of action. Make sure your goals are specific and measurable since that makes them definite. Your goals should challenge you to improve your effort, since you won’t improve without making a change.

Think of all the things you will do to help you reach your goal, writing these down on paper as well. For example, to go with the goal above, you might write, “I will do math for 30 minutes every day and prepare for each test and the exam properly, by reviewing all concepts and solving questions again that I first did incorrectly”. You will be amazed when you sit down to think, how many ideas will come to mind. Often people have great ideas that they forget to write down and quickly forget, so remember that putting your ideas on paper is extremely important.

Personally, I find that being definite is often difficult to do. There are so many choices that it can be overwhelming. For example, some restaurants have hundreds of options on the menu and this amount of choice can be paralyzing. Remember that you are choosing between many wonderful options, be thankful that you are in a restaurant, and remember that this is one meal out of many thousands in your life. The choice you make is not very important in the big picture. More important is to choose quickly and with confidence so you adopt the habit of being definite.

It seems the fear of missing out on something better causes people to do nothing at all. Remind yourself there is no reason to strive for perfection, just choose one of the many great options and respect your decision. Setting goals and planning how you will achieve them saves you from many later decisions. It frees you up to take action consistent with your plans, out of habit.

Please let me know how your goal-setting has changed the way you work. Thanks for reading!

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