Adversity is the best teacher

Recently, all the water pipes in my home needed to be replaced. This meant we would need to pay for the repairs and the water would be shut off during the daytime for 8 days. To most people, this would simply be viewed as an inconvenience and they would be annoyed at having to pay for this work. Napoleon Hill famously said, “Every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent benefit”. So, my mind was searching for some possible benefit of this temporary setback.

The first thing I noticed was that having to pay for this work did not cause worry or stress for me at all. Awhile ago, I learned that planning for such things, by saving money for emergencies, was important. I imagine many people would be scrambling to come up with the money for this, never realizing that they could save for it in advance. Always expect the best but be prepared for the worst and then never worry for a moment.

The unexpected benefit came when I was forced to clean up the kitchen and bathroom cupboards and counter-tops in preparation for the work to begin. My wife and I discovered that there was a lot of organization that could be done as we looked around at the beautiful spaces created by this cleaning. Some things that weren’t needed in winter were put in storage, while other things were discarded immediately. My wife and I started looking for ways to be more efficient in using the space we have.

For awhile I have been aware of the benefit of having a clean place to work in. Owning too many things in my opinion, decreases happiness, perhaps because they create clutter and distract you from what really matters in life. The clutter is physical and mental, as things take up space on a shelf in addition to weighing down your mind with trivial thoughts. Make sure you are using things regularly, otherwise get rid of them.

Another experience I had recently was getting food-poisoning for an entire long-weekend. Again, I immediately started thinking about what the benefit of this might be. As I was unable to eat much food, I lost about 3 pounds. While this is not a great weight-loss program it had a benefit nonetheless. I also am motivated to eat less in restaurants and to make healthier food choices in general, since health and fitness are extremely important to success. Always challenge yourself to look for the positive in every challenging situation and you are sure to find many things to give thanks for every day.

Remember always that you learn way more from the tough times in your life, provided you reflect on them after they happen and keep an open mind. These times challenge you to make changes to yourself to improve yourself and there is no limit to how much you can improve.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Adversity is the best teacher

    • Thanks Brenda for your comment! I am glad you enjoyed the article. I agree that things happen for a reason and often the things that are painful at the time provide the best opportunity for growth.


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