Worrying is a waste of time

Taking action to get things done every day is one of the keys to success. Make your best effort in all you do and work toward the goals you have set for yourself. Use all your time in a positive way, to improve yourself and those around you through your example. Doing so, you let your results look after themselves, never worrying for a moment about them.

The book, “How to stop worrying and start living” by Dale Carnegie is a great resource. In the book it is mentioned that most of the things people worry about, never actually end up happening. In those cases, worrying was surely a waste of time. Even if something you worry about does happen, time spent worrying didn’t accomplish anything. Remember that problems are a positive thing as they strengthen your mind and your character, as you work on solving them. Replace worry with action, doing your best to avoid potential problems by finding solutions to them in advance.

I find it is common for students to worry about results, both before and after they happen. The key is to get started right away to work, never stopping to worry about the things you can’t already do or that you do not understand. When a mistake is make, learn from it immediately so you never make it again. What an amazing student you will be if you make each mistake only once! Better still is avoiding many mistakes by learning from the mistakes that others before you have already made.

Being always engaged in positive action leaves no time for negative worry and fear. Worrying about or fearing you will not be able to do something usually causes you to not make a serious attempt to do it. People of action just get things done and amaze themselves with their accomplishments when looking back on them. Constantly taking action to improve yourself and others leaves no time to fear failure.

When writing tests, I often see students finish before the time is up. Since the key is taking action, make sure to use all the time given, so you find and fix your mistakes before the time is up. There is no bonus for being done ahead of time. Push yourself to do your very best in all that you do and then you can be free from worry.

There is an old song I remember my father singing when I was a child, called Que Sera Sera, and here is one of the verses: “Since I am just a boy in school, I asked my teacher, what should I try? Should I paint pictures, should I sing songs? This was her wise reply: Que Sera Sera, whatever will be will be, the future’s not ours to see, Que Sera Sera”. Never worry about what the future holds, just live the best day you can, one at a time and your future will be amazing.

Thanks for reading!

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