Choose your own attitude

It has been said that an optimist is aware of the choice they have while a pessimist doesn’t see the choice at all. Do your best every day to be positive about your situation. You can’t always choose what happens to you, but you always can choose your reaction to it.

As an example, when it is a rainy day, is that a good or a bad thing? I suggest to you that you can decide that rainy days and sunny days are both amazing. Search for the good in both. Is having a test a good thing? It can be, when you see it as a challenge and an opportunity to improve.

It seems to me that being positive requires that you work on it daily. Begin by giving thanks for what you have been blessed with. When you feel like you have enough, you will be grateful for your circumstances and find it easier to choose a positive attitude. Some people spend their whole lives always wanting more and looking for happiness to come from possessions. The truth seems to be that happiness is a choice for you to make. Start with being happy and then pour yourself into doing your best work and living your best life.

As mentioned, success seems to involve serving others. My belief is that giving to others starts the receiving process. When instead, you focus on receiving for yourself first, the opposite happens. You have missed the point that to give is to truly receive. Make it a habit to give to others daily and you will be filled with joy.

When you have a problem to solve, do you see it as an opportunity or as a burden? The choice is yours! The truth seems to be that disciplining yourself to make your best effort always leads to self-improvement. Even if you don’t solve the problem, the habit of making a serious attempt leads to growth. Begin to see each failure as an opportunity to learn. Choose to remain positive through the struggle, looking for the seed of benefit.

I recently started running, after years of using the other machines in my gym. I found that it was difficult at first and painful afterward. I also found that I enjoyed the feeling of pushing myself to do something new. I am hooked on it and want to improve so I can run further and faster. Never assume you won’t like something and remember that pain leads to growth which allows you to feel alive.

I remember reading books when I was younger called, “Choose your own adventure”. At many points in the story, you were given a choice of what path to choose, and then you would flip to that page to continue reading. Life seems a lot like that, when you have a positive view of it. There are amazing adventures ahead for you that depend on your attitudes, your choices and your effort.

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