Collaborate with others

In the last post, we talked about the benefit of competing against yourself. At the same time, one of our basic needs is to be with other people.

Often in schools, students sit in rows of desks, and work individually a lot of the time. I believe learning almost always involves working with others. I have already written about the benefits of teaching others to really improve your own understanding.

Collaboration often fails because people only want to take, never realizing that giving is what really leads to receiving! You will find that your understanding improves when you explain your thoughts to others. It seems to me that teaching math forced me to fully understand the concepts, in order to have the confidence that I could help my students to do the same. When I do my best to explain things to my students and I see them learning, it feels like I am making an impact, and this brings a great feeling of joy.

I suggest to you with great respect, the truth is that all successful actions are preceded by thought. Working in groups will strengthen you, in direct proportion to how prepared you are. In the classroom, the students who have done their homework by making a serious effort to solve problems, have the potential to extract the full benefit of group-work. Those who have not done so, are looking to take from others, without contributing, so they weaken the group. Furthermore, they have not earned the right to receive knowledge from others, as their minds have not been prepared for understanding.

The bible says, “For where two or more gather in my name, there am I with them.” I interpret this as meaning; you can’t thrive on an island by yourself. Your willingness to share your gifts with others, determines your success. Find your spiritual gifts and find work that relates to them, and your life will be filled with happiness. Use your talents for the benefit of others and you will strengthen your character along with serving others. Focus on being the best version of yourself so that you can give your best to the world. This type of work will fill you with joy and you will not tire from doing it. When your actions are in line with your life’s purpose, work becomes energizing. Similarly, when you truly desire to be physically fit, exercise gives you energy.

Let me humbly suggest to you that you will want the best for yourself when you know that you are loved. This love, I believe, comes from a higher power and it sparks action that allows for collaboration. It makes you focus on providing service to others, with a pure intention only to give.

Thanks for reading!

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