Be urgent in life

The Beatles sang, “Life is very short, and there’s no time for fussing and fighting my friend”. Robin Sharma suggests that we should walk in the cemetery, to remind us of the shortness of life.

Remember that you have the same amount of time as everyone else, so you can’t get more time. Of course, you can however use your time more wisely, and view each day with a sense of urgency. Never waste a moment worrying and avoid procrastination by getting started on your task right away.

With the summer coming up, it’s easy to waste a lot of time not getting anything done. People often complain about the weather in the winter time, but do these same people show their appreciation in the summer by using their time productively? Probably not, since they are the complainers, they find something new to complain about in the summer months, such as, “it’s too hot!”

The key is to find the opportunity in every season, find something to look forward to always. Find the beauty in the rain and the sunshine. There truly are not many bad things in life when you choose a fresh perspective. As an example, many people invest in companies by buying stocks. When stocks go up, that’s a good thing, since you just made money. But, when stocks go down that’s also a good thing, since stocks just went on sale!

When you have time to work on homework during class time, do you use all the time you have? Could you make a change in the way you are working so that you create more time for your future self? Do you plan when you will do work at home during the week, or do you just hope it all gets done? You can make a change today that will set your life on a completely new path, the choice is yours!

Are you going to plan your days in the summer so you are productive and you work on improving yourself and have fun too? Most people just go through life with no direction, no plan for their time. These same people complain about not having enough time! Success is attracted by those who do things that most people are unwilling to. Don’t let the summer go by and look back on it and think, “Where did all my time go?” Plan each day one at a time, and make it your best summer yet. Don’t say you’re bored, because what you really mean is, “I failed to plan my day”.

All the best to you in the coming summer, get out and enjoy it, get stronger each day and use your time in such a way that you look back on it with joy. Let me know what your plan for your summer is in the comments, and thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Be urgent in life

  1. I have some summer plans, but I also have left for ‘me’ time. By this I mean, no real plans, just being in the moment. I love it. Looking at the sky, watching the clouds float by and deciding what each cloud looks like. I absolutely love sunrises and sunsets, I purposely get up very early to watch the sun come up. I started doing that on vacations at first, then thought, why not do when I’m home. There something about watching the start of each new day. Really enjoyed reading your article!

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  2. Thanks for your comment Brenda!
    I like your point about having time for yourself, often we get so busy that there is not much time left for this. The key seems to be scheduling specific things at specific times, in order to make sure they get done. So perhaps it’s important to schedule free-time, or to leave flexibility to allow for spontaneity. I agree, sunrises and sunsets are taken for granted, probably because they happen every day, and they are free!


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