So, I got a bike

I recently purchased a hybrid bike, and think that everyone should ride a bike. Perhaps this is just another chance to be more like a small child. As we get older, we lose track of some things we found fun when we were younger, and this is one of them. It really never is not fun to ride a bike!

Some of the benefits of riding a bike are; getting exercise, traveling from one point to another at a faster rate than walking, not depending on cars, buses or trains, so that we contribute less pollution, being outside so that we get direct sunlight on us, which has health benefits.

The amount of cars that you see on the road with only a driver, and no passengers in them, is incredible. Often people are only going a short distance, which could easily be covered on a bike, but since they already own a car, they use it for everything without pausing to think about what they’re really doing to themselves and to the world. Make it your goal to leave each place a little better than you found it, and you will be a great example for others to follow.

The other part of riding a bike that I look forward to is maintaining my bike, as it gives me an opportunity to learn new skills and solve some problems on my own. Each problem you solve on your own adds to your character, and strengthens your wealth of experience, to be used when working on future problems. Some things to think about when maintaining a bike are; applying bike lube to the chain, de-greasing the chain and cassette, and washing the bike when it gets dirty. Having the responsibility of taking care of our belongings increases our discipline, as we get the work done before the fun begins.

When I was looking for a bike to buy, there were so many options that it was a little overwhelming. I had to remind myself that I was choosing from a huge number of great options, so it would be difficult to go wrong. I then focused on one bike shop that was close to work, and found their customer-service was excellent. The people there were all so positive and helpful, that it would be difficult not to buy a bike there. Their attitudes made the process an enjoyable one for me, as they went the extra mile to fit me to the bike, order some bikes from their other locations for me to try, and to help me with all my questions about maintenance and so on. When you provide valuable service to others, you will be richly rewarded in life.

So, do you have a bike? Have you talked to your parents about getting bikes? Perhaps if more people did so, the world would be a better place, with fitter people living in it. Anyway, enough typing for today, I am off for a bike-ride!


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