Exercise your mind

I was listening to a video made by Jim Rohn, and I highly recommend for you to listen to his amazing messages. Mr. Rohn said that the percentage of people who have a library card is about 3%. In other words, 97 out of every 100 people can’t be bothered to go to the library and get a card that allows them to learn pretty much anything they want. Oh and by the way, a library card is free!

Perhaps this surprised me so much, because I live very close to a wonderful library, and I am there at least a few times every week, usually with my kids. I love reading great books and I want to show my children how important it is to be a reader. When you grow your vocabulary and continue to learn a little every day, it adds up to enormous gains over time.

There was a time when I didn’t read many books and that was, perhaps surprisingly, when I was in school. Being told which books to read, meant that I had no choice, which took the fun out of reading for me. I believe the same thing happens to the majority of students, who would enjoy the learning process if they were given more choice, and if the goal wasn’t just to pass the test at the end.

Most people go through their life, without exercising their minds. They spend much of their time complaining about why they don’t get what they want in life. They don’t know they have within themselves the ability to get anything, provided they are willing to do some thinking and planning for themselves. Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve”. It has been said down through the ages by all the great thinkers, that we become what we think about. That is, our lives are designed by us, based on the use of our own minds. I believe that God gave humans the ability to choose and think freely, so that we can create our own realities. This is a wonderful blessing that should not be wasted!

So, remember to do the things that strengthen your mind, walk toward your problems and be thankful for the challenges they present. Mr. Rohn said, “Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills”. Always focus on the person you are becoming when you struggle to overcome challenges in your life. Always spend time doing things that make you better, like eating healthy foods and exercising your body and mind. It’s odd, but I have started to enjoy the taste of apples, after eating them every day for awhile now. In a similar way, going to church regularly means I am now able to understand the messages much better. At first change is difficult, but stick with it long enough and you will see yourself improving, and the good habit will become automatic and provide you with great joy!




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