Plan for summer?

Well the final days of the school-year are winding down for me and I’m already looking ahead to summer with anticipation. I remember the feeling from last summer was that the break was great for the first week or two, but after that I was bored, as there wasn’t much to do.

For this summer, I don’t want to have that feeling of being bored. It seems to me that boredom is something that happens when we fail to plan our days ahead of time. When you think about what you can do, write it down on paper, and always choose to take action, you will never be bored. This feeling of boredom that I experienced also taught me that work is a good thing. I will choose to work as long as I am able to since it is very rewarding and makes me feel good about myself when I do it well. Neil Pasricha tells us to, “never retire”, and I think he’s onto something. We all need a reason for waking up in the morning, a grand and definite purpose for our lives, something the Japanese call ikigai.

I’ve also found that I’m much happier when I get important things done, and when I don’t waste my days. Each day is a blessing, so make sure to fill it up with adventure, to challenge yourself to get better and to find quiet time for reflection and planning. The bible suggests that we work 6 out of every 7 days, taking 1 day for rest. You never need to worry if you embrace the challenge of working and improving yourself, letting the struggle stretch you beyond your comfort zone. Enjoy the journey of life!

So, for this summer, I have a goal of using my planner to prepare for each week before it happens. Some things I will include are; family activities, time with my kids to play at the park or the library, time for myself to ride my bike in the early mornings or go to a baseball game, time with my extended family when we visit them on a road-trip. I also want to get some things planned in terms of fixing things at home, and in working through the math curriculum for grade 12, as this will refresh my knowledge and make me a more effective teacher with my future students.

I remember when I was a student, and the summer felt like it was wasted. I would sleep in late each day and not do much to improve myself. I also remember the feeling of going back to school, feeling like I had forgotten the material covered the previous year. Looking back, it would have helped me to spend a little time reviewing my notes in the summer, to better prepare for receiving the new knowledge come September.

So, what are your plans for the summer? How will you fill up your days with experiences that improve you physically, mentally, socially or spiritually?

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