Back to School!

Well, it’s been awhile since I wrote, and I wanted to talk about the beginning of the new school year. I once again found that the summer break was nice, but I was eager to get back to school. I really enjoy working with young math students and feeling like I am productive and helping others.

Some things to focus on as you start school again:

To receive you must… ask! That’s really all there is to it. So, make sure you are asking thoughtful questions every day. Students sometimes go an entire year without asking me a question, which makes it difficult to learn much! Never be afraid of not knowing something since that is an opportunity, not a weakness. My wife recently was thinking about arranging a date-night for us, but she thought that my son’s daycare wouldn’t look after our daughter, for a couple of hours. I reminded her that the worst thing that could happen was them saying no, leaving us in the same position as before asking. She asked, and they said yes, problem solved!

Along with asking, it is important that you listen carefully to the answer. It has been said that we are given two ears and one mouth for a reason. Make sure you are listening more than you are talking, since when you talk you are saying something you already know so that no learning happens!

If you want to have success in school, Jim Rohn tells us we must, “study, practice and teach”.

Remember that any new skill requires practice. Don’t expect to get something for nothing, as there is no substitute for effort. The students who know their multiplication tables are the ones who spend the time to figure it out!

Learning any new concept requires that you spend time thinking. There is also no substitute for thinking on your own, since nobody can do that for you! Embrace the struggle and remember that thinking is exercise for your mind.

To learn a new fact simply requires that you care to remember it! When I wanted to remember where I parked at the zoo, I took a picture of the area where my car was parked. I cared to remember, and so I did, without needing to look at the picture at all. In the same way, there is something magical about writing things down on paper, perhaps for the same reason, it demonstrates to yourself, the importance of remembering what you wrote!

To really learn you must find a way to share your knowledge by teaching others. Giving starts the receiving process, that is, you must give to get! So, if you seek understanding for yourself, make the effort to help others understand. It seems to me that my life will be measured by the amount and quality of service I provide to others. Find a way to serve more people and everyone benefits.

So, thanks for reading, and let me know how things are going so far in the new school year!



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