Demonstrate Your Effort

How will you show that you have made the effort to do all you could do? If asked how many push-ups you can do, what would you say? Jim Rohn teaches us that the best you can do is not all you can do. That is, you can do 5 push-ups, rest a little and then do 5 more. You can repeat this process as many times as you want. Keep doing this and you can get to any number of push-ups you choose! So, you are always able to do more than you have done, since you can keep making the effort to do more. When you say, “I tried but I couldn’t do it” you are really saying that you stopped making attempts, and that’s why you failed. What a difference it would make for you to decide ahead of time to never stop making attempts!

What you will find is that people are eager to help you when they see that you have made a serious effort to solve your own problems, first. Your effort is never wasted, since even when you do end up asking for help, your mind will have been opened to receive the help. The effort that you make to push yourself to keep going when you feel like quitting is what determines your level of success in life. Always remember that the struggle you go through is sharpening you on the road to becoming a better version of you. Keep in mind that you can always get better and make it a habit to look for small ways to do this each day.

Real failure is when you fail to try at all. It’s strange but true, we wish to do things, but we never try to do them, and then wonder why we can’t do them! I often tell people that I am okay at ice-skating, but I am unable to do a proper stop on my skates. The truth is, I have never really tried to stop, since I’m worried about falling. The fact is, falling is good, because it will show me what doesn’t work, so I can begin the process of figuring out what does work! Have you ever told yourself before trying something, “I can’t do this”? When you do that, stop yourself and ask how you could know something is impossible before trying to do it.

Form the habit of just doing things, never stopping to worry about possibly not being able to. Those people who never try anything are tricking themselves into thinking they haven’t failed. The truth is, they have failed to do everything and experience everything possible in their lives. They play it safe, have no real goals and make very little progress. There is no safety in that, since they waste day after day without taking any risks or trying anything new.

Are you being challenged to try new things? Do you see each day as a blessing, as a new adventure and a chance to be better than you were yesterday?

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