Everything Matters

I recently picked up a book at the library with the title, “The Next Millionaire Next Door”. One of the sentences that jumps out at me is, “People think small decisions do not have consequences”.

I think of this a lot in living each day as best I can. I want to use the time I have available to get things done, as I feel good about myself when I am completing important tasks. I think it’s easy to say things like, “There’s only 5 minutes, so I won’t start on my work as I can’t get much done in so little time”. The truth is, everything matters, since it’s not only 5 minutes. You are faced with decisions like this every day and using these small amounts of time or neglecting to, will make all the difference in the direction of your life.

Another book that deals with this is, “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olsen. The book talks about how you are either getting better or getting worse over time, but you don’t really notice because doing or not doing the little things, will seem not to make a difference in the short-term. That is, if you exercise today, or you choose not to, it won’t really matter that much. It really does make a difference when you exercise regularly over a long period of time, or instead you neglect to! Jim Rohn said that failure is caused by, “small errors in judgment, repeated every day”. He tells us it’s easy to exercise, but it’s also easy not to. It seems if you want to live your best life, and be a succeeding student, you need to start by living your best day, starting today. Start doing the little things that will add up to enormous improvement in yourself, over time.

I often walk by a coffee shop, when out for an evening walk. I’m always struck by how full it is, and wonder what the people inside are drinking. Caffeine in the evening is something I would recommend avoiding for those who want to sleep at night. Along with that, there is the cost associated with this habit as well. The personal finance author David Bach coined the phrase, “latte-factor” to describe how we all have small decisions to make about our spending each day. Most people would say, “It’s only a coffee and it’s only a few dollars so what’s the big deal?” Of course, that’s true when you only do it once, but not when you look at the difference between spending or saving the money every day for your entire life! I teach my daughter to eat good food and do things that are good for her, because I want her to live a great life. Now of course, this is not to say that you should never spend money, just that you should spend it on things that make your life better. If someone enjoys sitting in the coffee shop with friends from time to time, no problem. We have to enjoy our time on this planet, while trying to do the best we can with what we’ve been given.

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