Have no fear!

The world is in a state of fear these days, with everything that is going on. It occurred to me that young people are far less fearful, as they do a better job than adults of living each day one at a time, looking up to the future with anticipation. They are willing to take a risk that they may fall, and then to pick themselves up and try again. In my experience, when a bee is buzzing around, it is only the one that is fearful that has a chance to be stung! The key is to just let it be, and it will do the same to you.

I also have found that the sun always rises, so after darkness the light always comes. Spring always follows winter, and spring is upon us. Better times are coming for the world, and we know this because good times have always followed bad!

I have recently been reading a book called “The case for a creator” by Lee Strobel. It is really a great book and has helped me reshape my thoughts. It talks about how amazingly well-designed our bodies are and how precise the Earth’s location needs to be to support life. Science is discovering these things, and still there are many details that are unknown about how or why things work. Often science attempts to explain everything as being natural, without the need for a creator. This is a bit like looking at a building and saying it built itself without the need for a plan followed through with action! I believe that scientists are given problems to solve so that we move forward with new discoveries about the laws of nature that were planned by God. The cure for illness is already in each of us, and strongest in young people. Our bodies are designed to know how to defeat anything that comes our way, and science and medicine then attempt to sort out how it all works!

Never fear that you may fail, since that’s precisely when you get stung. Learn from the times you do get stung, so you move forward with more knowledge than before. Be bold and take on challenges knowing that you are not alone. Turn back toward your creator and find rest in the fact that He is in control, and you are not meant to know everything. The world is not a perfect place, so that we will recognize and be grateful for the good things and look forward with anticipation, to eternity.

Let’s not distance ourselves from others but come together in this time to support each other, in full faith that things will improve. Do not let news and social media make you fearful, choose your own thoughts carefully. Hold tight to your loved ones and grow closer through this struggle, knowing that the sun always rises again!

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