When you are faced with a challenge, you will probably struggle with believing in yourself, that you can do it. It is common to have a fear of failure, but you must never decide ahead of time that you will fail. Instead, just take action to start, and you will often surprise yourself with what … Continue reading Belief


Everyone wants to be successful, but many people do not have a strong enough desire. If you really want to do something, do not allow yourself the possibility of failure. Instead, decide ahead of time that you will be successful and never stop making attempts until you are. Ask yourself at the beginning of a … Continue reading Desire


It is impossible to do anything without, well, taking action to do it. People who take action every day to improve themselves (and others) will find that these small efforts compound into huge success over time. Make sure that you are being challenged every day so that you can experience growth. Going to the gym … Continue reading Action